Travelling to New-York a few years ago, I found the original sheet music of Schindler’s List, one of my favorite musics. But the level was really too hard for me and I never passed the first line 🙁

As now I start to play by ear, I would like to try with this piece.

With the help of my husband who made the video.

I just finished to watch the last season of Lost. I really enjoyed it. I’m sad that it’s done so I would like to continue with the music.

I’ve also bought a cable to connect my piano to my computer, so now the sound is better, the key’s noise was horrible.

Life and Death – Michael Giacchino

Yesterday, I’ve got a long discussion with my husband who wants me to play by ear. I’ve tried many times to play by ear before but it was too hard and I wasn’t able to play anything else than the children songs with one hand.

My husband showed me how to listen music in another way and a miracle happend. I spend the half night to play this song from Michael Jackson by ear and this is the result. There are still mistakes but finally I played my first song by ear !! Yeahhh