After the corrections made by my piano teacher on my week work, I have to continue to practice the left hand but slowly, with more precision and a better hand position. My position was completely wrong and it was the cause of my pain. Now I’m going better, I don’t feel the pain anymore and my game is is better.

Everyday I play more and more piano. Now I can play by ear but I really miss some technique to play how I want. So I’ve searched for piano lessons and I found Elie Drai who is teaching me via Skype.

The 2 first lessons, he asked me to learn a French song from Pascal Obispo: Lucie and to practice some exercices to correct my mistakes. But now I have to learn a Chopin’s Nocturne. It’s a real challenge for me because it’s far upper my level but my teacher seems to be confident.

So, for now, I just have to practice the left hand. It’s only some arpeggios but probably made for giant’s hands 😉
It’s a good exercice to try my new piano that I just receive for my birthday. It’s the Kawai K2ATX, an acoustic right piano with silence and recording system. The touch it’s a little harder than my previous CVP piano but the sound is nice and it looks great in our living room.