Today, for the first time, my son is interested in piano. My new PSR keyboard is a sexier for young, more modern, more fun, this is probably the reason. I gave him some instructions to play by ear instead of solfeggio. I showed him the first notes, the notes range in which he had to play and then I left him to fend for himself. Well that’s what he laid me in 1/4 hour.

A close friend made me listen to Andre Rieu’s version of the song entitled “A time for us”, main theme of the movie Romeo and Juliet composed by Nino Rota in 1968 and rearranged by Henri Mancini. I was excited to try to play it by ear.

Here is a first try on this theme, but I warn you it’s quite hesitant and full of mistakes, it’s raw in the pure state, without preparation, a pure improvisation.

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