How do I play by ear?

Here, it’s not a tutorial like the others, where you learn a song step by step, but this is more a video to show you the method I use to learn a song by ear. Anyway, as i decompose entirely the song, it shows you which notes to play for the melody and the chords for the left hand.Read more »

I’ve just added a new section of the site: Learning.

If you want to learn a song, the LEARNING page is the right place.

In this section, you can learn to play a song with your preferred method: with video tutorials, with piano scores or with midi files.

The videos are designed for beginner to average levels. In most videos, the first part explains how to play the song in a very simple and accessible way for beginners. Then gradually, for the less beginners, simple chords are added and finally some tips for more advanced levels who want to enrich the song the way the feel it for free interpretation….

You’ll find the scores for songs that I arranged myself or links to scores I used.

You’ll find the midi files of my covers, so you can learn the songs with softwares as Synthesia for example, or a digital piano that can play midi files.