I’m selling my piano Yamaha CVP-503.



In perfect condition with all its accessories + usb key filled with midi files and scores. To be picked up on site (London SE). Transportable in a small van or station wagon (removable foot) (length 1.5m) (I can arrange for overnight accommodation (or more) for those who want to take the opportunity to visit London.
Transport by piano moving company: +/- 500 € anywhere in France or Belgium.
Purchased in August 2010 (selling price at the time: € 3,800).
An identical one is on sale at ScottoMusique in France:
http://www.scottomusique.com/articles/Occasions_pianos_claviers/YAMAHA-CVP_503_RW_ Occasion-94656.html.

The store where I plan to buy my next piano offers me a cover of mine that breaks my heart (to resell it for double the purchase price). You might as well share it with one of you.
Also to know that it is not a simple digital piano, but much more than that. It is an instrument that combines the touch and sound of an acoustic piano with all the functionality of an arranger keyboard (Tyros for those who know a little). It offers a huge choice of breathtakingly realistic sounds and instruments, an endless choice of accompaniment style in all genres that allows you to play with an integrated orchestra. An effective learning function (at least I learned a lot like that), the score display, all the recording functions in single or multi-tracks, a Karaoke function with display of lyrics and Voocorder, i.e. even if you sing out of tune, it corrects your voice, not to mention all the special effects that can be added to the voice (option that I have never explored much I admit). You can even connect it to the internet to download songs or backing styles directly from the Yamaha site. Compatible with midi files that you import using a USB key, midi files that you can edit to play either one of the tracks, to display the score, to learn a song with the learning function and the leds, the accompaniment plays at your own pace, it stops until you have played the correct note.
In short, a fabulous instrument.

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Having moved to another country , I had to change the domain name and find a new host. And then I’ve realized that my favorite web editor , iWeb is no longer supported. Since I intend to change the design and the content, this is the time or never to change the editor .

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I’ve just added a new section of the site: Learning.

If you want to learn a song, the LEARNING page is the right place.

In this section, you can learn to play a song with your preferred method: with video tutorials, with piano scores or with midi files.

The videos are designed for beginner to average levels. In most videos, the first part explains how to play the song in a very simple and accessible way for beginners. Then gradually, for the less beginners, simple chords are added and finally some tips for more advanced levels who want to enrich the song the way the feel it for free interpretation….

You’ll find the scores for songs that I arranged myself or links to scores I used.

You’ll find the midi files of my covers, so you can learn the songs with softwares as Synthesia for example, or a digital piano that can play midi files.

So here is the result of many months of work.
In the idea of ​​making a surprise to our piano teacher and especially to thank him, I created this project with the participation of most Elie Drai students. It was necessary to find a suitable piece, write all the scores for each student taking into account their levels and the sound of their piano … and coordinate everything.
It took me whole months of work.

Thanks again to all participants.

I just created a page “listen” on which you can watch and listen to my piano covers (or attempts) of French or international songs as well as movie themes and some classical pieces, so all the songs I love.

You can watch both solo performances on acoustic piano and digital piano with accompaniment. But also multi-track recordings or duets . Most of them are my own arrangements , because I try to play as much as possible by ear.

Although for some pieces I tried to remain faithful to the original songs , for most others, I have revisited them my way.

Do not expect a concertist level, I’m just a passionate amateur. Although I had 2 or 3 year course when I was kid, I start the piano from scratch in 2009. I then followed 1 year skype video lessons with Elie Drai, later some lessons with Salim (IcoBeatz) and some harmony lessons with Jean-Pierre Deschamps. For the rest I learned only by fishing advices by here and there on the net and practicing.

My first videos were therefore published to share with my piano teacher for the purpose of correction. My covers were far from perfect and yet to my amazement, every day I get new subscribers to my Youtube channel. They are more than 800 1777 today. I can not believe it. Thank you very much, because you are my greatest motivation.

If you have a piece to suggest me, feel free to leave a comment.

Welcome to my blog   PianoLab dedicated to all piano amateurs....

In the part LISTEN, you will find all mes piano covers of french and internationals songs, movie themes and some classical pieces.  You will find some solos and duos on an acoustic grand piano as well as covers on a digital piano with accompaniment or multi-tracks recordings.

Most of them are played by ear, so there are my own arrangements. Sometimes they can be close from the original but for most of them they reflect my own vision.


 In the part LEARN, you will find all the needed medias to learn a piece of piano. There will be video tutorials, piano scores and midi files (Compatibles with Synthesia or any midi keyboard). For now all the video tutorials are still in french but I will add subtitles.

As I’m using the Do re mi note names, those tutorials are more appropriate for people from South America, Spain, Italy or from any other country that use this naming convention.

.In the part TOOLS, you will find my reviews and suggestions of useful tools and softwares dedicated for pianists. I ‘ll try to add the useful webpages that helped me to progress..

If you dream to be able to PLAY BY EAR, you will find some usefull tips to help you, even if you haven’t any experience.

Fell free to watch, listen, learn, comment, and share if you like a page. Don’t forget to subscribe to be informed about the new pages and posts.