Cover: Interstellar

I’ve tried to recreate Interstellar music with only my ROLI Seaboard and iRig Keys keyboards.
I own the iRig Keys for a while, it’s small, lightweight, I always take it with me when I travel, I use it to compose, to test things, to play chords or simple melodies.

But this year, Santa offered me the ROLI Seaboard. The material is very special, very soft, like rubber, and lets us play sounds in 3D. Even if we can play piano on it, it works great with all other instruments, we can play more realistically, simulate how we blow in a flute, how we press on a bow, modulate the velocity, the pitch, and any other parameter while playing. It’s even better with synthesizers.

All the sounds I used for this cover come from Roli Studio Player or LogicPro default factory library.

More instructions on the INFO’S PAGE

(Click on the picture to access the INFO’S PAGE.)

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