Hello world!

Okay, where to start?

Maybe through a presentation, right?

Ok, here we go. My name is Françoise, I am 48 years old, I am married and I have a grown son. (And also a cat)

I studied Visual Communication at ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique – School of Graphic research) in Brussels, well a long time ago but that’s when I started studying photography, video, advertising, graphics, animation drawing and especially computer graphics

So I started my career as a freelance graphic designer in 1992, at a time when there were very few of us on the European market.

A few years later, planning to creating my own company, I followed an intensive one-year training course in all IT professions which ultimately led me to move into the IT sector, starting with Help-Desk, then Engineer IT to finally create an IT services company with my husband. I stopped working in 2006 to allow my husband to boost his career. Even though at the beginning it wasn’t easy at all, today I appreciate the luxury of not having to work anymore. It gives me time to indulge in my passions: the piano, decoration and many other things.

2 months ago, we left Belgium to settle in London. Now that we are comfortably settled, I have time again to record tutorials, rebuild a website or keep a blog.

But what will my website contain?

On the one hand, I have my YouTube channel with my covers and piano tutorials which is slowly starting to become popular.

Initially, I published my first videos just for my piano teacher with whom I had online lessons. And then to share them with other students or pianist friends. Strangers started leaving quite encouraging and motivating comments. I am still always surprised and flattered by each comment. And to my great astonishment, there are strangers from all over the world who have subscribed to my channel. Having reached the 800 subscriber mark, I received a partnership proposal from the YouTube team and I can monetize my videos. I will therefore continue to feed my YouTube channel with other covers but above all more tutorials and my tests on all the tools (hardware or software) that I try in relation to the piano. I will classify all this in the PIANOLAB part.

On the other hand, the review that I wrote on our cruise with the MSC Divina had quite a few readers and regularly still Tripadviser Internet users complain that my link no longer works. I will therefore republish this review in the TravelLab section and if I have time, perhaps one day, add reviews of my other trips.

If you have any suggestions or comments, you can leave a comment below.

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