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Hello world!

Well, where to start?

Maybe by a presentation? Ok, let’s go.My name is Françoise, I’m 48y old, I’m married and have a big son. ( and a cat ).

I’m certified in Visual Communication from the Graphics Research School (Brussels) , well it’s a long time ago but it’s where I start to learn photography, video production, advertising, design, cartoons  … and computer design which was my speciality.

So I started my career as freelance graphic designer in 1992, at a time when we were a very few on the European market.

A few years later, to create my own company, I followed an intensive one year course about all computer jobs that finally made me turn in the IT world, starting as Help-Desk then Engineering IT and ultimately creating an IT services company with my husband. I stopped working in 2006 to allow my husband to boost his career. Although at first it was not easy at all, but today I appreciate the luxury that I no longer have to work. That gives me time to devote myself to my passions: the piano, the interior design and many other things.

Two years ago, we have left Belgium to settle in London. Once we were comfortably installed, I had  time for building piano tutorials, managing a website or keeping a blog and did it. All my tutorials and my website were in french, first of all because it’s my native language but also because I mainly made tutorials of french songs and I’m using the “do ré mi” note names instead of ABC. But now I realize that you are coming from all over the world and not only the french speaking people are following my piano tutorials. So it’s time for me to add an english version of my website and some english tutorials.

As english is not my native language, you will probably notice many mistakes. Help me to correct them, so this way I can improve it.


I need coffee to stay up all night creating new content

For the convenience of your visit, I have removed the advertisements. But this website takes not only a lot of time to edit but generate expenses like the hosting and  security tools.

By offering me a coffee, you will not only help me cover my costs but also encourage me to continue posting free content. .

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Hello world!