Sacco & Vanzetti by Morricone multi track recording

On my grand piano, I did not take the silent system and digital module because it more expensive than a good digital piano.
I still missed my old CVP for its countless features, so I bough a new CVP. This time it’s a CVP 503.
Here is a first recording on 4 tracks of “Here’s to you” music composed by Ennio Morricone cover for Sacco & Vanzetti but more known now by the video game Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros music

Track 1: JazzOrgan2
Track 2: GrandPiano1
Track 3: ChapelOrgan2
4: GrandPiano1(Right1) + VoxHumana(Right2)

If you were moved by my arrangement and want to play it on the piano, look no further! My complete kit on Gumroad includes everything you need to learn and play this piece with confidence. With a step-by-step course, an easy-to-follow sheet music, a MIDI file for practice with the Synthesia app, and additional learning materials, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this beautiful piece in no time.

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