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I just created a page “listen” on which you can watch and listen to my piano covers (or attempts) of French or international songs as well as movie themes and some classical pieces, so all the songs I love.

You can watch both solo performances on acoustic piano and digital piano with accompaniment. But also multi-track recordings or duets . Most of them are my own arrangements , because I try to play as much as possible by ear.

Although for some pieces I tried to remain faithful to the original songs , for most others, I have revisited them my way.

Do not expect a concertist level, I’m just a passionate amateur. Although I had 2 or 3 year course when I was kid, I start the piano from scratch in 2009. I then followed 1 year skype video lessons with Elie Drai, later some lessons with Salim (IcoBeatz) and some harmony lessons with Jean-Pierre Deschamps. For the rest I learned only by fishing advices by here and there on the net and practicing.

My first videos were therefore published to share with my piano teacher for the purpose of correction. My covers were far from perfect and yet to my amazement, every day I get new subscribers to my Youtube channel. They are more than 800 1777 today. I can not believe it. Thank you very much, because you are my greatest motivation.

If you have a piece to suggest me, feel free to leave a comment.

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