A summer of 42


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“Un été 42,” also known as “The Summer Knows” in English, is a timeless piece composed by Michel Legrand for the film “Summer of ’42”. This beautiful melody captures the essence of nostalgia and romance, making it a favorite among pianists and music lovers.

If you were moved by my piano cover and want to play this exquisite piece yourself, my ULTIMATE KIT is here to help. It includes everything you need to master “Un été 42” on the piano:

– 🎥 COMPLETE COURSE: A step-by-step tutorial to guide you through each part of the song.
– 📖 Training Guides: To help you understand the nuances of the piece.
– 🎼 Piano Sheet Music: Arranged to capture all the beauty of the original.
– 🎹 MIDI File: Perfect for practicing and refining your interpretation.

Dive into the world of Michel Legrand and let the emotion of “Un été 42” inspire your performance. Access my Ultimate Kit below and start your journey today!

Complete course

Beginners, master this piece in no time with this step-by-step program.

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Part 1

Duration: 25’43


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Part 2

Duration: 18’52


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Part 3

Duration: 15’34


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Part 4

Duration: 15’54


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Part 5

Duration: 20’12


Training guides

Tutorial with scrolling sheet music

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Do you want to improve your finger technique or interpretation? Practice with the tutorial using the scrolling sheet music.

Synthesia type tutorial

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Do you want to learn how to play this piece in a fun and interactive way? Try this Synthesia-style tutorial! “It is entertaining, and you are sure to learn a lot while having fun.”


The sheet music and MIDI file are available on

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