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  1. I am so disappointed…. I’ve paid for the piano music for The Deer Hunter/Cavatina only to be advised by you that my session has expired, thus I’m unable to download and print off. I’ve also tried to email but nothing is happening!
    Please resend the link or the actual sheet music before I contact PayPal. Regards Tony Allen

    • Hi dear Tony,
      I sent you an email from my private address.
      I found your purchase and your payment and my server sent you 10 emails with the link, but they are probably in your spam folder.
      Anyway I sent you the file from my private email address, you should have it now.
      You can also access to your files by going to your profile: it’s the little profile icon on top right of any page, just next the basket. From there you can see your purchases and downloaded files.
      They are no expiration on any file or link but only on promo codes.


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