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Discover my piano cover of “Corsica” by Patrick Fiori and Patrick Bruel.

This song celebrates the beauty of Corsica and evokes feelings of nostalgia and love for the island. It is often appreciated for its moving melodies and poetic lyrics, paying tribute to the culture and landscape of Corsica.

Playing along with the original music allows you to practice playing the piece at the correct tempo and work on your interpretation. This is only possible when you can play by ear or when you have sheet music with an arrangement that is completely faithful to the original, both in terms of key, rhythm, and reprises.

Besides me, only Noviscore offers this type of accurate and high-quality sheet music.

Here, I am playing the Level 3 sheet music from Noviscore along with the original track in the background. We are in the same key, and the rhythm matches perfectly.

I intentionally published a work-in-progress video with some discrepancies so that you can better hear the difference between my piano playing and the original soundtrack’s piano.

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