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Yiruma (in Korean 이루마, literally Lee Ru-ma), born on , in Seoul, South Korea, is a South Korean composer and pianist. Known worldwide, his albums are sold everywhere, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. His most well-known pieces are “Kiss the Rain” and “River Flows in You.”

Among beginner pianists, many would like to learn Kiss The Rain by Yiruma, but the original score is quite difficult and requires 3 to 4 years of piano practice (for a normal student).

So here, I transposed and rearranged Kiss The Rain, composed by Yiruma, for beginner pianists, so that it is easier to play but still retains the authenticity and richness of the piece.

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Practice Guides

Tutorial with scrolling sheet music

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Want to improve your fingering or interpretation? Practice with the tutorial using the scrolling sheet music.

Synthesia type tutorial

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Want to learn to play this piece in a fun and interactive way? Try this Synthesia-style tutorial! It’s colorful and entertaining, and you’re sure to learn a lot while having fun.


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Piano Sheet Music

Digital download.
2 PDF Files
Arrangement: F . Labis.
Level: Simplified Version + Original Version
Price: $4.49

Midi File

Midi file for educational purposes, compatible with digital pianos supporting midi files and with the Synthesia application
Separate hands
Price: $1,00

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