Kiss the Rain – Yiruma

My simplified arrangement

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Original Version

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Artist : Yiruma
Album : From the Yellow Room
Release date : 2003
Genre : Easy listening

Yiruma (Korean 이루마, literally Lee Ru-ma), born February 15, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea, is a South Korean composer and pianist. Known around the world, his albums are sold everywhere, in the United States, Europe and Asia. His best known tracks are Kiss the Rain and River Flows in You.

Many beginner pianists would like to learn Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain, but the original score is quite difficult and requires 3 to 4 years of piano practice (for a normal student). So I transposed and rearranged this piece for beginner pianists, so that it was easier to play but still keeping the authenticity and richness of the piece.

Sheet Music

Digital Download.
2 PDF's: Original and easy versions.
Arrangement: F . Labis.
Level: Grade 2 & 4
Price: £3.49

Midi File

Midi file for educational purposes, compatible with digital pianos supporting midi files and with the Synthesia game.
Separated hands
Price: £2.00

Tutorial with scrolling sheet music

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Synthesia style tutorial

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Complete and detailed lesson (in French but you can follow the exercices)

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Original Version

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