Nocturne Op. 9 n1

Frédéric CHOPIN

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Discover Chopin‘s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1, an iconic piece in the romantic piano repertoire.

Composed in 1830, this nocturne in B-flat major features a captivating and expressive melody, characteristic of Chopin’s style. Its ternary structure and emotionally rich harmonies make it one of the composer’s most beloved works.

Let yourself be carried away by the timeless beauty and emotional depth of this piano masterpiece.

Tutorial with scrolling sheet music

Do you want to improve your finger technique or interpretation? Practice with this tutorial with scrolling sheeet music

Synthesia type tutorial

Do you want to learn how to play this piece in a fun and interactive way? Try this Synthesia-style tutorial! “It is colorful and entertaining, and you are sure to learn a lot while having fun.”

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