Opening Theme: Elfen Lied ” Lilium “

Kayo Konishi & Yukio Kondo

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Discover my piano rendition of the opening theme “Lilium” from the anime Elfen Lied.

This beautifully enchanting piece is renowned for its melancholic melody and emotional depth. “Lilium” is the opening theme song of the anime series Elfen Lied. The lyrics are in Latin and are based on a medieval Latin hymn called “Ave mundi spes Maria.” The hymn is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is often associated with themes of sorrow, redemption, and salvation.

Overall, the song “Lilium” in Elfen Lied serves to enhance the emotional impact of the series and underline its themes of sorrow, redemption, and the complexity of human nature. It is the perfect piece to begin with for those interested in anime music.

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