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Welcome to my blog   PianoLab dedicated to all piano amateurs....

In the part LISTEN, you will find all mes piano covers of french and internationals songs, movie themes and some classical pieces.  You will find some solos and duos on an acoustic grand piano as well as covers on a digital piano with accompaniment or multi-tracks recordings.

Most of them are played by ear, so there are my own arrangements. Sometimes they can be close from the original but for most of them they reflect my own vision.


 In the part LEARN, you will find all the needed medias to learn a piece of piano. There will be video tutorials, piano scores and midi files (Compatibles with Synthesia or any midi keyboard). For now all the video tutorials are still in french but I will add subtitles. As I’m using the Do re mi note names, those tutorials are more appropriate for people from South America, Spain, Italy or from any other country that use this naming convention. .In the part TOOLS, you will find my reviews and suggestions of useful tools and softwares dedicated for pianists. I ‘ll try to add the useful webpages that helped me to progress.. If you dream to be able to PLAY BY EAR, you will find some usefull tips to help you, even if you haven’t any experience. Fell free to watch, listen, learn, comment, and share if you like a page. Don’t forget to subscribe to be informed about the new pages and posts.

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