Summer knows – Michel Legrand

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Summer Knows is the main theme of The Summer of ’42 (original title: Un été 42) directed by Robert Mulligan, released in 1971.

Summer of ’42 is a 1971 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film based on the memoirs of screenwriter Herman Raucher. It tells the story of how Raucher, in his early teens on his 1942 summer vacation on Nantucket Island (off the coast of Cape Cod), embarks on a one-sided romance with a young woman, Dorothy, whose husband has gone off to fight in World War II.

Sheet Music

Digital Download.
PDF: 4 pages.
Arrangement: F . Labis.
Level: Grade 2
Price: £3.49
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Midi Files

2 midi files for educational purposes, compatible with digital pianos supporting midi files and with Synthesia game
1 is an export from the sheet music ( if you want to play as my cover tempo)

Separated hands

1 is an export from my cover, so not cleaned ( if you want to play as my cover tempo)

Hands not separated

Price: 1.00£

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Complete piano lesson (in 5 parts)

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Original version

6 Comments on “Summer knows – Michel Legrand

  1. How can I get an English translation of the French, would make it a bit easier, although even in French very well done instructions.

    • If you watch the video on YouTube , you can activate the automatic subtitle and choose any langage. It’s translated by google so it’s far to be a good translation but good enough to follow the lesson. If there are parts you don’t understand, please tell me, I’ll add English subtitle manually or give you a free lesson on Skype or Zoom.

      • Yes the English translation by Google is kinda comical, it translate you are commenting on every sort of topic imaginable. Thank you for the answer..

    • I’m checking the automatic English translation and it’s very funny, it doesn’t understand the French note names and guessing something completely different. So the subtitles are not really helping. Just watch my fingers and you should have enough information to learn this song, I guess.

  2. Hi Francoise;
    It appears that the music sheet and the instructions for part 4 video are not in sync. No problems to follow part 1, 2 and 3 though. Please clarify.
    Thank you;

    • It’s possible that the lesson and the score are different. I made this tutorial for one of my student and sometimes I have to adapt the arrangement regarding his level.

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