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Mein Herz Brennt – Rammstein

This page is available in : French

Sheet music for piano solo.

Arranged by Kobram9, notated by Gabriella B.

PDF file of 4 pages.
Level: Hard

Price: Free

Midi file compatible with digital pianos and with Synthesia

XXI – Klavier” is an album featuring 13 Rammstein classics rearranged on the piano by Sven Helbig and Lars Kutschke, and performed by Clemens Pötzsch. Paul Landers is the initiator and producer of the project with Sven Helbig, author of the Mein Herz brennt piano cover in 2012. Rammstein loved this cover, and Paul thought that a whole album of piano covers might be a good idea.

Probably the most technically demanding piece I played. The beginning is very easy with big hands, but hard with small hands. The part from 3:07 to 3:20 was hard to memorize and the part from 4:07 to 4:24 was the most difficult part for me as I had to manage octaves with the right hand with big jumps with the left hand, 2 eyes were not enough. But finally, I made it 🙂

Originale version : piano + voice


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