Moments in Love – Art of Noise

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I’m trying out the other sounds of my Korg Kronos II and its sequencer features. I love my new keyboard so much.

Please leave a comment to say if you prefer my pure piano covers or if I continue with multi-track songs like this.
By the way, Moments in Love has been my favorite track since I first heard it in the 80s.

Sheet Music

Zip file: Contents each track's sheet music (Excluding percussion)
Arrangement: F. Labis
Level: Easy
Price: £3.49

Korg Kronos 2 .SMG file


Original Version

5 Comments on “Moments in Love – Art of Noise

  1. I have been searching since before the internet for this arrangement!!! I scoured music stores all over Manhattan and even Paris when I lived there.. And HERE IT IS!!!!!
    Bravo kind sir!!!!
    I am 54 and deciding to teach myself from ear and from lessons i like…
    Perhaps I might just have found some amazing stuff!
    Is this in one of your books or just as a single on it own piece? I would love to know more.. Best, Craigers

    • Hi,
      No the sheet music of Moments in Love is not included in the e-books, as it’s a multi-track version and there is too many pages.
      By clicking on each e-book, you should be able to see the song list.

      ps: I’m also 54 but a woman

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