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Nothing Else Matters by Metallica was one of my first videos uploaded to Youtube in 2009. Unable to play it by ear, I bought a sheet music arranged by Scott D. Davis. It had taken me weeks to learn just the intro and I couldn’t play the first verse or the chorus. One of the reasons I went looking for a piano teacher. I posted the video to show my level to my potential future teacher.

And then I never played that song again until recently. Obviously I had to relearn everything from the start. But this time I manage to play the verses. I especially wanted to see if since 2009 I was learning a song faster and if I had made any progress.

For the intro, indeed I was able to learn it in no time and without encountering any difficulties. As for the verse where I was blocking, with a little of work, I finally get there.
There is also a huge improvement in recording quality. But the big difference is in the interpretation. And that, I owe it to my husband who taught me to listen to music differently.
And by comparing the 2009 version to the 2014 version, I realize that a wrong note goes unnoticed if the interpretation is good, but on the other hand a badly placed intonation or a cut in the rhythm due to a hesitation is much more disturbing.

Sheet music for piano solo

PDF File
Arrangement by Scott D. Davis
Level: Difficult
Published by Scott D. Davis on his website
Price: $3.99
(External link)

Original Version

My 2009 bad version

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