Corsica – P. Fiori et P. Bruel

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Title: Corsica

Artists: Patrick Fiori et Patrick Bruel
Album: Corsu Mezu Mezu

Corsu Mezu Mezu is an album of covers of Corsican songs released on September 25, 2015.

Patrick Fiori is the initiator of this project. It is thanks to his Corsican mother that he discovers the repertoire of traditional songs. It brings together 30 Corsican and continental artists in 16 duets in Corsican language.

In July 2015, the song Corsica interpreted by Patrick Fiori and Patrick Bruel is extracted from the album. Upon release, the album is No. 1 in sales. It sells for 300,000 copies.

Piano Sheet Music

Digital Download.
Arrangement: NOVISCORE
Level: 3
Price: 4,99€


Original Version

Demo of the fidelity of the Noviscore scores

Listening an original song and playing this song on piano at the same time, is very helpful to learn the right rhythm and expression.

This is possible only when you can play by ear or when you have a score perfectly similar to the original song, as well for the key, as the rhythm and the repetitions. Only Noviscore offers this type of sheet music. 

Here, I play a sheet music (level 3) from Noviscore with the original music background. We are well in the same key and the rhythm sticks perfectly. 

I have voluntarily published a video that I made during my study, with a few errors so you can better notice the difference between my piano and the piano of the original soundtrack. If I didn’t make any mistake, you won’t hear the difference.


In un scornu di lu mondu
Ci hè un lucucciu tenerezza
Ind'u mio core, maestosu
Imbalsama di purezza
Ghjuvellu di maraviglie
Ùn ne circate sumiglie
Ùn truverete la para
Ghjè ùnica, sola è cara


Face sempre tant'inviglia
Ssu scogliu ciottu in mare
Tesoru chì spampilla
Sacru cume un altare
Calma, dolce cum'agnella
Generosa è accugliente
Si rivolta è si ribella
S'omu disprezza a so ghjente


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