On the nature of daylight – Max Richter

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Multitrack recording : 3 piano tracks + 2 Strings + Pad

This my second favourite piece of music, just after Moments in Love by Art Of Noise, I can listen to it during hours. 

I’ve created a transcription for piano very easy to play for 3 beginners or 1 beginner and 1 intermediate level who can manage two parts ( Part 1 and 3 or 2 and 3).

It was also created on my KRONOS II

Piano Sheet music: 4 hands or 3 beginner players.

PDF: 6 pages.
Arrangement: F. Labis.
Level: Very Easy
Price: £3.49

Midi File

Midi file for educational purposes, compatible with digital pianos supporting midi files and with the Synthesia game.
Separated hands
Price: £2.00

Tutorial with scrolling sheet music

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Synthesia style tutorial

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Original Version

4 Comments on “On the nature of daylight – Max Richter

  1. I like your PianoLab video version of this Max Richter piece. Alas, the video doesn’t match your sheet music. The preview of the first page of the sheet music shows two repeat sections separated by seven bars, but that’s not the way the PianoLab video is playing it. The video doesn’t play those two sections identically: Bars 1 and 5 differ; bars 2 and 6 differ; bars 19 and 23 differ in the video (and also in the Hinrik Werner sheet music available on musescore). Either your video should match your sheet music, or your sheet music should match your video. (I would prefer the latter; the video is lovely.)

    • Omg, you are right, you have a good eye !!!
      Well, for my process, I played by ear each track separately while recording the sound of my piano in wave format, the notes played in midi and the video of my hands. Then I edit the midi file in Logic Pro to get the sheet music and a wave file combining the 3 tracks. Then I make the video montage with my hand’s videos and the wave file. I made a huge mistake at this step as I’ve selected the wrong video for my hands. I’ll be more vigilant next time.

  2. great i’m such a noob. downloaded it, see can’t play with 2 hand. Than watch the video. i should watch it first. 2$ bye bye

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