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tools buttonSynthesia review

Synthesia is a fun way to learn how to play the piano.
Don’t wait to download it at: http://www.synthesiagame.com/

Learn piano or synthesizer without taking classes or “to wrestle” music theory, that although a difficult mission … but not impossible!

Indeed, starting from an original principle and based on the game Guitar Hero, Synthesia is an original and educational way to learn piano easily while relaxing.

The concept is simple: the notes of a MIDI song will fall down to “land” on the representation of a keyboard. The illuminated keys will be played at the appropriate time in order to reproduce the original piece of the most beautiful way.

This way there is no need to learn to read music; So a simple way to learn how to move our fingers and both hands correctly on the keyboard (each hand is shown in a different color). Note that a midi keyboard, connected to your computer or tablet, is required to enjoy the full power of Synthesia.

The user can, according to his capacity, play the song faster or slower, or force the track to follow its own pace, display the score, the fingering or active the guide lights on his keyboard.

Even, if the user is a piano expert and can read piano score, there are plenty of exercices to train with a points scoring system. This is useful to keep an eye on the progresses.


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