Among beginner pianists, many would like to learn Kiss The Rain by Yiruma, but the original score is quite difficult and requires 3 to 4 years of piano practice (for a normal student).
So here, I transposed and rearranged Kiss The Rain, composed by Yiruma, for beginner pianists, so that it is easier to play but still retains the authenticity and richness of the piece.
Speed: 100% (You can change the speed in Youtube video settings)
Piano tutorial with hands ans score

Easy Piano Sheet Music - Volume 4

10 piano sheet music
PDF: 51 pages.
Arrangement: F. Labis.
Level: Easy / Intermediate
  • Kiss The Rain - YIRUMA
  • Fly (Les Intouchables) - Ludovico EINAUDI
  • Concerto pour une voix - SAINT PREUX
  • Adagio - SECRET GARDEN
  • Jour 1 - LOUANE
  • Passacaglia - SECRET GARDEN
  • Naval - Yann TIERSEN
  • Hymne - VANGELIS
  • Calling - Geri HALLIWELL
  • 7 Years - Lukas GRAHAM
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