Many beginner pianists would like to learn Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain, but the original score is quite difficult and requires 3 to 4 years of piano practice (for a normal student).
So I transposed and rearranged this piece for beginner pianists, so that it was easier to play but still keeping the authenticity and richness of the piece.

Speed: 100% (You can change the speed in the settings)
Format: Piano Solo with hands and sheet music

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Complete & Detailed lesson: Inception

This video contains all informations:

– To learn how to play the soundtrack from Inception on piano with real time exercices

– To learn how to transform an orchestral soundtrack arrangement to a rich, powerful but easy to play piano arrangement.

Level: Made for beginners with notes for more advanced players.

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Jean-Philippe Rio-Py (born in 1983) professionally known under the name of  RIOPY or JPRP, is a French pianist and composer, living in London, so not far from my home. His compositions have been featured in various film trailers and feature films. His music is purely beautiful and deserves to be played and shared.
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