Yes!! The website is finally running.

Having moved to another country , I had to change the domain name and find a new host. And then I’ve realized that my favorite web editor , iWeb is no longer supported. Since I intend to change the design and the content, this is the time or never to change the editor .

So , I had to install and test a few softwares before to find something that suits me. I should write an article about this, it might prevent someone from losing the same time as me .

And my heart swung for WordPress. And the more I discover , the more I love it. It only took me a few hours to install it, test it, find a theme that meets my needs, create the design , a homepage and a first post , all on a local server and then redo everything in my official host.

And it runs, YESSSS !!

After creating tags for the search engines , I did a search on my domain name ( hey it’s too early I know, but I ‘m curious ) , which is no more nor less the initial of my first name followed by my last name and I fall on this :


OMG, why I have not done this research before choosing my domain name? Anyway, it ‘s too late anyway, and I’m sure that before reading this post , you would not either referred. Then only you ( you reading this post) and I, can laugh .

Next week I ‘ll start with my review on MSC Divina (a lot of people asked me to reput it online) . I will not translate it to english because this review is a personal appreciation as a Belgian woman. What I like can be disliked by people from other countries and vice versa. And they are a lot of other reviews about this cruise in english who will feat better for you. 

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I need coffee to stay up all night creating new content

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