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Talk to Me – Yodelice

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Partition pour piano solo, en vente sur le site de NOVISCORE

Titre: Talk to me
Artiste: Yodelice

Musique reprise dans le film intitulé « Les petits mouchoirs »


Something just changed in your soul
Tell me baby what’s wrong
What’s going on
Have you been crying
Something just flaked in your eyes
There’s a crack in your gaze
Like those broken days
Am I seeing things
Talk to me
Talk to me
Baby talk it’s me
Talk to me
Something got hold of your soul
You’re like never before
Is there something more
Have I missed anything

Seems like the sun is shining
On everyone but me
Won’t you talk to me
This is getting scary
Baby talk to me
Please talk to me
Baby talk it’s me
Talk to me
Something just changed in my world
And it’s killing me

Songwriters: Marianne Groves / Maxime Rodolphe Nouchy
Talk To Me lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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